Joe Biden Expresses Concerns Over Crackdon Against Protesters In Iran, To Impose Costs


Washington:  The US will soon impose further costs on the perpetrators of violence against peaceful demonstrators who protested against the death of a 22-year-old woman in the custody of the morality police in Iran, President Joe Biden has said, as he expressed grave concern over the crackdown on them.

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old from Iranian Kurdistan, was arrested for allegedly violating the country’s strict Islamic dress code.

The custody death of Amini on September 13 in Tehran sparked street protests around the country. Iranian Security forces have cracked down on the protests.

“For decades, Iran’s regime has denied the fundamental freedom to its people and suppressed the aspirations of successive generations through intimidation, coercion and violence. The United States stands with Iranian women and all citizens of Iran who are inspiring the world with their bravery,” President Biden said on Monday.

Biden said the United States is making it easier for Iranians to access the internet.

The US is also holding accountable Iranian officials and entities, such as the morality police, that are responsible for employing violence to suppress civil society, he said on Monday.

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