Jharaphula Death Mystery: Post-Mortem & Viscera Report To Unravel Truth


Bhubaneswar: The mystery over the death of Jharaphula Nayak, student of Rama Devi varsity here, still remains unresolved although five days have elapsed.

Police are yet to nab Sekhar, the associate of Rakesh. The police will take Rakesh in custody to recreate the scene to get the clue what could have occurred at the fateful night.

Sources said that the post mortem and viscera report might throw some light on the mysterious death of Jharaphula.

Questions are now posed why Rakesh had taken the pain to drop the body at Jajpur instead of taking her to medical. If it was a death related to poison, then why Rakesh did not die.

Reports said that Jharaphula was scheduled to arrive at home on January 26 by 4 pm, but she did not turn up till six in the evening.

Her brother then rang her and sent WhatsApp message as she did not answer the phone. Jharaphula’s father was aware of her relationship with Rakesh. He had time and again admonished his daughter about the relationship. As she did not pay any heed to her admonition, he even destroyed the mobile SIM card.

Police sources said that Rakesh admitted while carrying the body of Jharaphula to Mayurbhanj by a two-wheeler, some people in a car followed them after suspecting that something is fishy.

Rakesh said Jharaphula’s legs were touching the road while being taken on the two-wheeler. The occupants of the car intercepted them on the way and asked why her feet were touching the ground.

He said he and his friend dropped the body halfway fearing action by people.

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