Jet Airways crew forget to maintain cabin pressure; passengers bleed mid-air


Mumbai: At least 166 passengers who were aboard on a Jet Airways flight suffered nose bleeding and headaches as the cabin crew allegedly forgot to turn on the switch that maintains cabin pressure during take-off.

The incident was reported by passengers on board of a Mumbai-Jaipur Jet Airways flight on Thursday.

The Boeing 737 aircraft returned to Mumbai due to “loss of cabin pressure” and the pilots were taken off duty while a probe into the incident is underway, said a Jet Airways spokesperson.

During the climb, the crew forgot to select the switch that maintains the cabin pressure following which 30 out of the 166 passengers experienced nose and ear bleeding. Many also complained of a headache. Oxygen masks had to be deployed to help the passengers breathe normally.

A middle-aged man was also admitted to Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital in suburban Vile Parle by Jet Airways officials.

The flight was later scheduled to take off at 10.15 am for Jaipur.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has sought a report from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation over the incident.

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