Jennifer Lopez breaks the internet again with her updated iconic Versace green dress


Milan: Jennifer Lopez is probably one of few celebs who “breaks the internet” every time and she did it again with her surprise appearance at the end of the Spring 2020 Versace fashion show during Milan Fashion Week.

The actress donned an updated version of that famous green dress.

JLo wore the infamous green Versace dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards and now, the Hustlers star has revived the gown in an equally iconic moment.

The actress strutted confidently down the runway, playing with the sides of the flowy dress to show off her toned legs. Her long locks were pulled halfway up drawing all attention to the barely-there design at the front of the dress, which Lopez has previously said was made possible with a generous helping of double-stick tape.

The updated version is sleeveless, backless and has embellishments on top of the jungle print.

The surprise appearance prompted many people in the audience to stand up and pull out their smartphones to capture a video.

In the year 2000, Lopez had worn a slightly different version of the green, leaf-printed original Versace gown. The dress had received insane attention back then, so much so that it had inspired the creation of ‘Google Images’. It so happened that after the Grammys, JLo’s dress had triggered a debate and had become the site’s top search.

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