Jaundice scare once again in Cuttack


Cuttack: Jaundice scare returned to haunt Cuttack denizens once again after few months of respite as administration begin to pull up its socks to tackle into the situation.

Sources said as many as five persons have been identified with the disease of late in Deulasahi area of the city. Sanitation condition has worsened in the area with drinking water infection making things more dangerous.

Earlier today a team of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) led by Commissioner Gyan Das, Health officer P K Pradhan, Health Committee Chairman Ranjan Biswal and others took stock of the prevalent scenario.

Every year hundreds of people get infected with this water borne disease and over last four years 10 persons have succumbed to this disease but every year the problem remains to be the same. It ois like the more you try to hide the more it shows.

Last year the situation took the form of an epidemic in Jobra, Kesharpur area of the city and proved to be a tough task on the part of the administration to deal with.

For the last some years jaundice has been a pain in the neck for this part of twin city which is more crippled by old outdated public water supply system, distorted and chocked drainage system, encroachment along drains, leakage of water pipelines and consequent infection.

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