Jatra Artists Seek Hope For Revival Of Industry


Bhubaneswar: Completely rattled by the pandemic and COVID-19 restriction, the Jatra artists of Odisha are seeking hope for the revival of the Opera industry.

Reportedly, as the coronavirus situation is gradually coming under control, the government has begun relaxing several restrictions (like providing permission for the opening of school colleges movie theaters, etc) after intense lockdowns.

However, opera artists are yet not allowed to perform. Following this, the Jatra artists have demanded permission for the resumption of opera shows.

Notably, the artists have been jobless for the last nine months ever since the lockdown was enforced.

Following this, some well-known artists have given their opinions in this regard.

Daitari Panda, Jatra Artists’ Association’s president stated, “Even after getting permission from the government, the District collector is not allowing them to showcase their opera. Artists have been rehearsing in order to perform after permission grant by the District collector. The opera-like Sibani Gana Natya, Tulasi Gana Natya Bagha Jatin Gana Natya have already prepared a Jatra. Jatra will be performed according to guidelines.”

“Since 10 months the artists have been suffering due to the COVID- 19 situation. It has become very tough to manage livelihood. If district administration would not allow the Jatra artists to perform then we will go for protest”, Said Brajbihari Nayak, Jatra Artists’ Association’s Vice president.

“If the government would not allow the artists to perform how will 20 thousand artists manage their livelihood,” questioned artist Bapi panda. Besides he also said that “If district administration fails to come to a decisive conclusion, we will follow the decisions of the Jatra Artists’ Association.”


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