Jatni’s Loco Colony wells, underground water full of diesel leaking from Rail depot


Jatni: The diesel depot of the Khurda Road railway junction of East Coast railway is leaking so heavily that the diesel has spilled into the water bodies of the residential areas near the Railway office, specially Loco Colony and the old well of the Bhagabati Temple on which many locals depend.

Though the locals have informed the Divisional railway manager (DRM), Khurda Road since over a month and some even Tweeted to the Railway Minister and got response from the East Coast Railway that the issue will be resolved, only a couple of times officials came and went without taking any action, said residents.

The diesel has penetrated so deep into the wells of the Loco Colony that the well water catches fire easily. In summer, the locals have very few options of drinking water. Also, Railways is facing huge diesel losses but authorities have turned a blind eye to the matter, locals alleged.

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