Japan: Man diagnosed with ‘restless anal syndrome’ post covid recovery


Tokyo: A 77-year-old man in Japan reported “deep anal discomfort” just days after recovering from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). Doctors at the Tokyo University Hospital diagnosed him with “restless anal syndrome.”

According to Business Insider, which reported the case citing BMC Infectious Diseases, doctors noted that the symptoms shown by the man were consistent with those shown by patients with restless leg syndrome (RLS). Additionally, in yet another feature common with RLS, he was able to get some relief via exercise, the report noted.

Tests, however, concluded that except a few haemorrhoids, the senior citizen was absolutely fine. There were no issues such as brain abnormalities, bladder disturbances etc. Restless feeling, anxiety and insomnia were the only health issues that he faced after recovering from Covid-19, the Business Insider report said.

The “anal discomfort” was resolved through a course of Clonazepam, a drug used to treat seizures, it further stated.

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