‘Isolation on Kashmir is a huge setback to Pakistan’s foreign policy’


Washington DC: The Voice of Karachi (VoK) Chairman Nadeem Nusrat said Pakistan’s isolation on Kashmir is a huge setback to its foreign policy.

Nusrat said Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted to the failure of his country’s stance on Kashmir and its diplomacy. Nusrat categorically rejected Imran Khan’s claim that it was his government’s policy to have peaceful relations with other countries, including India and Afghanistan.

He said: “Imran Khan is not more than a puppet of Pakistan’s military establishment who talks at the behest of his masters in GHQ (Pakistan Army Headquarter)”.

Nusrat said in a press statement : “The Pakistani premier admits that Pakistan has been isolated at the international stage by saying that if some of Muslim countries are not with us (Pakistan) today due to economic or other reasons, they will be with us in the future”.

The Voice of Karachi Chairman further said that Kashmir has been at the forefront of Pakistan’s foreign policy since its inception.

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