ISIS warns of Las Vegas-like attack on Kumbh Mela, Thrissur Pooram


New Delhi: The Islamic State (ISIS) group has released a new audio clip, in where the World’s most dreaded terror outfit warned to carry out lone-wolf terror attack across India in the coming days.

According to reports, the 10-minute long audio clip released in Malayalam calls for Las Vegas-type terror attacks on crowds thronging popular festivals like Kumbh Mela and Thrissur Pooram in India.

The male voice in the audio clip also quoted verses from the Quran as it warned of a terror attack in India. It is believed to be the 50th such clip from Daulatul Islam – a regional IS an outfit.

The male voice in the clip also made clear references to the Las Vegas shooting where several people were killed at a music concert.

In one of the deadliest shootings in America’s history, a gunman had opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people gathered for a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, in the United States, on October 1. The attack had left 58 people dead, and nearly 546 wounded.

According to sources, the audio clip has been transmitted over Telegram Messenger from a location in Afghanistan.

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