International Tiger Day: History and Significance

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New Delhi: International Tiger Day or Global Tiger Day is celebrated every year on July 29 to spread awareness on the animal’s conservation.

The theme for this international day is – “Their Survival is in our hands”.

The date July 29 is historic because on this day several countries signed the agreement in the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, which was held in Russia in 2010. The agreement was about raising awareness about the decreasing tiger population globally and preserving the natural habitat of tigers. Also, the representatives from various countries declared that the tiger-populated countries would thrive to double the tiger population by the end of the year 2022.

According to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), there may have been 100,000 tigers at the beginning of the 20th century. The number was drastically reduced to 3,200 in the year 2010. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to save these wild cats.

International Tiger Day play a important role in it by spreading awareness and by working towards conservation of tigers.

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