International Friendship Day Today


New Delhi: International Friendship Day is celebrated July 30 every year. This day is dedicated to such friendships and friends who continue to support and care for each other at all times. In India, however, it is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August.

Friendship Day is celebrated across several countries. It was first proposed in Paraguay in 1958 as International Friendship Day. It is, however, known to have originated from Hallmark cards, by Joyce Hall, in 1930. The United Nations had declared July 30 as the official International Friendship Day.

In 1998, Nane Annan, the wife of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, declared Winnie the Pooh as the global Ambassador of Friendship at the UN.

On this day, people send greetings to their friends and exchange gifts, not just in metro cities but other parts of the country too. It is a day to acknowledge the role your close friends play in your life. Children also tie friendship bands on each others’ wrists while some also gift flowers.

The day is also celebrated on social networking sites where friends wish each other or share heartfelt posts about one another. Some also celebrate their friendship with parents and other people with whom they share this special relationship.

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