International Day for Achievers: A day to honour achievements of humans’ vision


New York: The International Day for Achievers is celebrated globally on March 24. The day was established because many of the honorees and their achievements would otherwise never be known or honoured. It is a decentralised general day that can be celebrated by anyone.

International Day for Achievers is a day that honours those who have achieved something in any field. It is a day that recognises those who have set goals and displayed determination and confidence on their journey to achieve them.

In particular, it honours those who have enhanced the lives of other humans. It is not a day to honour the powerful and famous, but a day to honour those who have really made an impact in making the world a better place.

For example, common honorees are doctors, teachers, scientists, and conservationists. They may be honoured by the organisations that they are a part of, and given cash, certificates, medals, or other types of awards. Students that have excelled may be honoured as well

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