Puri set to host International Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept 21


Puri: The International Coastal Cleanup Day is celebrated each year on 3rd Saturday of September. On September 21, this year it coincides with World Peace Day.

The District Administration of Puri Is organizing a massive coastal cleanup drive on this day.

It will be the largest coastal cleanup initiative anywhere In the world; spread across more than Hundred locations in the district and involving the participation of over Seven Thousand volunteers.

Along with the District Administration, this campaign is being financed and mentored by ICZMP under Forest and Environment Department Government of Odisha, Tourist Department Government of Odisha, Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC), Odisha Pollution Control Board (OPCB) and The Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Renowned sand artist and Padma Shri awardee Sudarshan Patnaik is the ambassador of the Initiative. The two-hour-long cleanup campaign will start at 6 AM with thousands of volunteers ‘Signature on Sand’ and taking an oath to protect our beaches and oceans by Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of waste especially plastic waste.



All necessary precautions ranging from security and crowd management to drinking water and fire safety has been carefully planned by the district administration. The volunteers shall be provided with hand gloves and caps to ensure hygiene and safety.

Scientific studies have strongly linked marine pollution having an adverse impact on climate change which in turn creates atmospheric conditions prone to severe cyclones. Recent research published in the reputed journal Nature points out that the analysis of the Intensity of coastal cyclones between 1979 and 2010 suggests that thick layers of haze created by human-induced marine pollution has created atmospheric conditions that intensify cyclones and increase the chances they will reach land.

While tying into the Sustainable Development Goals this initiative is an exemplar of the spirit of the populace of Puri; coming back strongly In the face of a major natural disaster at the same time leading the world in the campaign for coastal cleanup.

True to the diversity and inclusiveness that characterizes Puri, the campaign shall witness the participation of varied segments including PRIs, SHG members, Fishermen community, beachside vendors, hotel owners and their employees, Photographers, Lifeguards, Tourist guides, Sebayat community of Shri Jagannath Temple, Government officials and employees, Religious organizations, Students from schools and colleges, Skill trainees, Scouts and Guides, NCC Cadets, Eco club members, Senior citizens, Bank officers and employees, Police, the Fire department, Officers and employees of the Municipality/NAC/GPs, NGOs, the Media among others.

Thus, the International coastal clean-up day, Puri shall dovetail into the already operational MoBeach clean-up campaign in Puri. The Mo beach campaign launched & operated by Purl District Administration alms at instilling a sense of belongingness & ownership among the locals and visitors both, encouraging them to keep the beaches clean, assist the government bodies to maintain the cleanliness & hygiene while -preserving the aesthetics and environmental balance of the beaches.

The Campaign termed as MoBeach, meaning My Beach (Mo means My in Odia) has been able to urge the citizens from all walks of life to, think of the beaches, sea fronts as their own beaches and encourage them to keep seafronts as clean as their own house taking Mo Beach initiative in essence and quintessence.

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