International Asteroid Day: Know Its Significance


New Delhi: June 30th is celebrated as International Asteroid Day worldwide. This year will mark the 6th anniversary of World Asteroid day.

June 30 is Asteroid Day; it is an annual event celebrated to mark the anniversary of Earth’s most massive asteroid impact in history, the 1908 Tunguska event. It was the most harmful recorded asteroid-related event on Earth as it destroyed local plants and animals.

An asteroid is a minor planet that didn’t develop entirely when the Solar System was born. Million of asteroids exist in the orbit of the Sun, most of them are in the central asteroid belt, the area between the Mars and Jupiter orbits. They are of diverse size and shape because they are created in different locations and different distances from the Sun. They are formed of different kinds of rocks but contain clay or metal, such as nickel and iron.

The day is marked to raise public awareness about the devastating impact an asteroid has when it crashes to Earth. It also highlights the importance of identifying the objects that pose a threat to the planet, and to educate the people on what to do if such a situation arises.

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