Instagram Users Can Now Delete Bulk Comment


New Delhi: The Instagram users can now delete comments in bulk and prohibit people from mentioning or tagging them in any of the posts on the platform.

Instagram has announced a host of new features that will allow users to delete unsavory comments and control who can tag or mention them in a post.

The new features can be particularly useful for people in the public eye and the influencers, who deal with a lot of slander and abuse on a daily basis.

Instagram is also planning to introduce a new feature that would enable users to pin positive comments to the top.

To put an end to unwanted interactions on Instagram, the photo-sharing app has given the option of removing derogatory comments in bulk.

The app is testing the feature currently and once that is implemented, users can select comments together and remove them from the timeline. It is going to be very useful to people who have a large number of followers on Instagram. They can use this feature to maintain positivity in their accounts and get rid of hateful comments.

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