Indore: Medical team on a visit to locate Coronavirus suspect pelted with stones


Indore: In a bizarre incident, a medical team that had gone to check on a patient with suspected coronavirus symptoms was attacked and pelted with stones in Indore’s Tatpatti Bhakhal.

Reportedly, a mob viciously attacked the team of health workers and had even thrown stones from nearby rooftops. Later, when the medical team sought help from the police, the police team was attacked too.

The gathered mob even broke down the barricades and used the women among them as human shields when the police tried to take action.

The medical team had reportedly gone to take the suspected coronavirus patient for further medical examinations. After the attack, senior police and administrative officials have reached the place. The barricading has been put up again.

Though reports had earlier suggested that two women doctors suffered injuries to their legs, police said no one was hurt in the stone-pelting incident on Wednesday.

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