Indonesia earthquake: 97 people killed, hundreds injured


Meureudu, Indonesia:  At least 97 people have died and hundreds were injured after a strong undersea earthquake struck off Aceh province of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island on Wednesday. Dozens of building also collapsed due to the quake.

As per sources the quake flattened as many as 40 buildings including mosques, stores and homes in the town based in Pidie Jaya district, which was closest to the quake’s epicentre.  A frantic rescue effort involving dozens of villagers, soldiers and police is underway in the district.

However the rescuers were trying to remove debris from shop and other buildings where people were believed buried. Indonesia President Joko Widodo has directed all government agencies to coordinate and take part in the rescue operations.

The shallow 6.5-magnitude quake struck the town on the wee hours of Wednesday at around at 5.03 am, USGS said. Meanwhile, no Tsunami alert has so far been issued.

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