Indians In Australia Condemn Hindu Temple Vandalism


Sydney: The Indian community in Australia condemned the vandalism of Hindu temples in several parts of the country and demanded strict action against the perpetrators.

Earlier in January this year, several Hindu temples were vandalized in different parts of Australia allegedly by Khalistan supporters.

“I expect the Government to take appropriate actions against this. We are Hindus and in our culture, the meaning of Hinduism is a way of life and we respect every religion,” said an Indian in Sydney while speaking to ANI.

“Every time we hear something like this, it makes us concerned. As a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim, we’re all one and we support each other. The government has to take care of this and take action against people creating problems for a particular community,” said another Indian in Sydney.

While speaking to ANI, another Australian of Indian origin told ANI, that what is happening in the country against the community is a matter of concern. “The Government says we are a multi-culture country but they should take strict actions against the people involved and should show support for our temples,” said an Indian in Sydney, Australia.

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