Indian restaurant Saathiya in Kyiv becomes shelter home


Kyiv: Gujarat’s Manish Dave, 52, has won hearts for opening his restaurant door to Kyiv residents facing an unprecedented crisis as Russia ups its offensive against Ukraine.

Indian restaurant Saathiya was started for Indian students studying in Ukraine, and now before it could make a full-fledged run, the war broke out and now it is a safehouse for anyone who wants a respite from the airstrike, shelling, and a hot meal.

Dave has posted a message on Telegram, spreading the word that his restaurant is in the basement and a safe place to stay in the situation. “Dear friend from India or any national, our restaurant is in basement and it’s called safe place to stay in this situation. If you don’t have proper safe place to stay during this time, please go here, We will try our best to arrange free food and stay according to our capacity. Stand united with Ukraine,” the message read.

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