Indian Railways converts old coaches into isolation wards for COVID-19 patients


New Delhi: The Indian Railways has turned the old coaches into isolation wards to accommodate COVID-19 patients as the number is rising by the day.

The authorities has made modifications for the patient’s cabin in a coach and it also has a cabin for the nurse.

The middle berth has been removed from one side. All three berths removed in front of the patient berth including the ladders for climbing up the berths.

The bathrooms, aisle areas, and other areas were also modified to prepare for Isolation Coach. A Southern Railways circular said: “The plan is that each cabin of the coach will hold one patient and if the situation demands then two patients in one cabin”.

As per the circular, other modifications include all middle berths to be removed, one Indian style toilet in each end to be converted into a bathing room and provision for plastic curtains in each cabin to provide isolation.

The national transporter had been contemplating offering its coaches and cabins as intensive care unit ICU wards for the task.

The Indian Railways, which runs 13,523 trains daily, has suspended all passenger services till April 14 due to nationwide lockdown announced by the Centre as a countermeasure to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

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