Indian Railways Announce Freight Concessions In Short And Long Lead Goods Traffic


New Delhi: Indian Railways took a decision to give concession in short lead traffic to improve industrial activities. It announced new freight incentive schemes to woo more customers.

Under this freight concession tariff, 50% discount will be given on freight up to 0-50 km, 25% discount on freight up to 51-75 km and 10% discount on freight up to 76-90 km except for coal, coke, and Iron Ore, military traffic, rail material consignment, and container transportation. Freight up to 91-100 km will be carried by Railway as per the existing tariff.

Earlier, a minimum of 100 Km restriction was there for freight charging purposes. This concession will apply to all types of goods except coal and coke, iron ore, military traffic, rail material consignment, and container traffic. This concession will be applicable from 01.07.2020 to 30.06.2021. No other concessions will be implemented other than this. The concession of 6% in the freight to and from in the North East Region will be applicable.

Additionally, the Ministry of Railways has also come up with policy guidelines for concession in freight charges for long lead traffic. According to this policy, 20% concession will be offered for coal & coke for carrying over 1400 Kms; Iron or Steel for carrying over 1600 Kms. Railways will also offer a concession for transportation of iron ore up to 20 percent. For a distance of 701 kms to 1,500 kms concession will be 15 percent and for more than 1,500 kms it will be 20 percent for carrying iron ore.

All these concessions will be given on Normal Tariff Rates (NTR) and shall be applicable for the trainload. Railways will interact with industries on a regular basis to attract more volumes, which will be monitored by the Railway Board on a periodic basis. Customers may contact the nearest Railway Good Shed or Station to know more and get the benefit of these concessions.

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