Indian diplomats harassed by Pak officials at Iftar party


Islamabad: Indian diplomats in Islamabad were allegedly harassed by Pakistani officials at an Iftar party hosted by the Indian High Commission here on Saturday.

According to sources, Pakistani officials virtually laid siege on the hotel on Saturday when the Iftar party was organised.

Indian ambassador to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria also spoke about the harassment and apologised to those who were subjected to extra scrutiny.

Talking to the media, Ajay Bisaria said that the officials not only violated basic norms of diplomatic conduct and civilized behaviour, but these gestures are counter-productive for our bilateral relations.

The Iftar party organised at Serena Hotel in Islamabad witnessed a minimal guests turnout due to harassment of the invitees.

The tradition of Iftar hosted by the Indian mission was started 12 years ago by Sibi George, currently serving as India’s Ambassador to Switzerland.

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