Indian Army Day Today! Know Its Significance

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New Delhi: India celebrates Army Day with tremendous zeal on January 15. The Indian Army Day is celebrated to honour each soldier in the armed forces of our country for their selfless service.

History and Significance

While the Indian Army was officially established on 1 April 1895 under the British rule, the first Indian to head the forces was Lieutenant General KM Cariappa, who was appointed to the post on 15 January 1949.

Ever since then, 15 January has become an important day for the history of India as it was the first time an Indian soldier took the reigns of the armed forces of the nation.

The Indian Army Day is a celebration of not only our brave soldiers, but also the transfer of power from the British rule to India. That is why each year, it is celebrated in all army command headquarters with great gusto and pride.

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