Indian Americans step up Boycott China campaign


New York: A number of Indian origin Americans have called for ‘Boycott China’, protesting against the expansionism policy of that country.

They have  protested at the iconic Times Square in New York here.

This protest comes in the aftermath of the deadly border clash that left 20 Indian soldiers dead and 76 injured. Despite the impact of coronavirus in New York, the demonstration saw dozens of Indian origin Americans standing in solidarity with members of the Tibetan community and Taiwanese Americans.

Protests have broken out in several cities in the United States and scenes in New York looked no different as people were seen holding placards, raising the Indian and Tibetan national flags along with chanting pro-India and anti-China slogans.

The protestors believe that even though the “boycott China” campaign has already been more successful than anticipated, a lot more has to be done to warn China for its expansionism attitude.

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