India travel ban by US comes into effect

Washington: The United States-India travel ban that was imposed by US President Joe Biden came into effect on Tuesday (May 4).

Biden issued a proclamation on Friday restricting travel from India starting from May 4.

The US suspended almost all travel from India beginning May 4 during a devastating Covid-19 surge that has shattered global records for new cases.

Those who fall under the exemptions will still be allowed to travel to the US.

The travel ban is indefinite until lifted by President Biden.

The ban will not be applicable for a permanent resident of the US, a non-citizen national of the US, a non-citizen who is the spouse of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident, etc. Furthermore, the US State Department said that certain categories of students, academics, journalists and individuals have been exempted from the travel ban. Students seeking to commence studies in the fall, academics, journalists and individuals who provide critical infrastructure support in countries affected by a geographic Covid-19 restriction may qualify for the exception, the department said.