India Needs Job Security, & Economic Prosperity Not ‘Racial Purity’: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Reacting to a news report on Culture Ministry’s plan to study ‘racial purity’, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at the Central government on Tuesday.

Rahul Gandhi said that India needs job security and economic prosperity not ‘racial purity’.

“The last time a country had a culture ministry studying ‘racial purity’, it didn’t end well. India wants job security & economic prosperity, not ‘racial purity’, Prime Minister,” tweeted Rahul Gandhi, tagging a report by The New Indian Express titled ‘Culture Ministry to Study Racial Purity of Indians’.

According to the report, “The Ministry of Culture is in the process of acquiring an array of DNA profiling kits and associated state-of-art machines for establishing the genetic history and “trace of purity of race in India”.

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the preservation and promotion of art and culture of India. The Congres leader’s comments came in the wake of the ongoing Aryan-Dravidian debate in the country.

Recently, Siddaramaiah said that RSS is not an outfit of native Indians whereas Davidians are the real natives of this country during his speech to mark the death anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru.

“This RSS…are they native Indians? We’ve been quiet because we didn’t want to rake up a few things. Are Aryans from this country? Are (RSS) Dravidians? We must go to the roots,” said Siddaramaiah.

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