‘Inculcating Scientific Temper Among Younger Generation Is Crucial For Nation Building’


Bhubaneswar: Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar in partnership with Govt. Boys’ High School, Unit -8, Bhubaneswar; Alumni Association, GBHSU8; Capital High School, Unit-3, Bhubaneswar; Arjun Subudhi High School, Nuapatana, Tigiria, and Ganjam College, Ganjam organized the National Science Day.

The event organized at 4 locations had the participation of more than 1500 school and college students. As a part of the program, ILS scientists and students delivered talks focusing on advanced made in the field of cancer biology, infectious diseases, and plant biotechnology.

In the interactive session with the students, several innovative and relevant ideas were mooted. Addressing the students Dr. Ajay Parida, Director, ILS mentioned that India have made significant progress in the field of agriculture, medicine, information and communication technology and the impact of science and technology in day-to-day lives have been quite significant. The innovation ecosystem where entrepreneurship have been the driving force has made significant headways and many disruptive ideas are emerging for mitigating several challenges. He called for a scientific literate society where advances in all field could be achieved through appropriate use of science and technology.

Sanjib Rout, Founder, CV Raman Global University called for participation of students in identifying innovative and scientific areas and to help in nation-building. During the event, the students displayed the exhibition focusing in the area of renewable energy, medicine, agriculture, waste management as well as space technology. Painting, essay, and debate competitions were also organized during the event.


Smt. Rajeswari Raipitam, Headmistress, Govt. Boys’ High School, Unit 8, Jitendra Nayak, Headmaster, Capital High School, Unit-3, Bhubaneswar, Kulamani Rout, Headmaster, Arjun Subudhi High School, Nuapatana, Tigiria and Dr. Prabina Kumar Nanda, Principal, Ganjam College addressed the students and highlighted the activities for science education in their respective schools and colleges. From ILS scientists Dr.Shantibhusan Senapati, Dr. Amaresh Chandra Panda, Dr. Tushar Kant Beuria, Dr. Rajeeb Swain, Dr.Soma Chattopadhyay, and Dr. Sanjeeb K. Sahoo coordinated the activities.

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