Income tax officials ‘survey’ BBC’s India offices for 2nd day


New Delhi: Officials from the Income Tax department searched the Delhi and Mumbai offices of the BBC for a second day Wednesday, amid growing criticism of the ruling BJP for an I-T ‘survey’ that comes smack in the middle of a row over the banning of a documentary critical of prime minister Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, when he was the chief minister.

I-T officials – who have not made a formal statement explaining the reason for the ‘survey’ – have been present at the offices since 11.30 am Tuesday.

The Indian government has said detailed information will be released when the ‘survey’ is completed. Union minister Anurag Thakur said: “Income Tax department conducts surveys… where irregularities are found… when survey is completed they give information by a press note or press briefing.”

The British national broadcaster late last night urged staff to ‘continue to co-operate with ongoing enquiries; it said it was cooperating fully with the authorities and that it hopes to resolve the situation ‘as soon as possible’.

“The Income Tax authorities remain at the BBC offices in New Delhi and Mumbai. Many staff have now left the building but some have been asked to remain and are continuing to co-operate with the ongoing enquiries.”


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