In Pics: BTS’ RM officially appointed as Public Relations Ambassador for Ministry of National Defense


Seoul: BTS’ leader, RM, or Kim Nam-joon has added another feature to his cap. On June 1, 2023, he was officially appointed as the public relations ambassador for The Ministry of National Defense.

He will be representing the MDA (Ministry of National Defense) Agency for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery & Identification aka MAKRI which recognises and excavates remains of war heroes.

Following the confirmation of RM’s reported appointment as the ambassador, a ceremony was conducted on June 1 to honor the BTS member with the title. At the ceremony, dressed in a black suit and tie outfit with a white formal shirt and neatly styled hair, RM looked ready to take on his new responsibility.

After being introduced with his many achievements and the mention of receiving the Order of Cultural Merit medal which the group’s members were awarded in 2018, RM was honored with the title and given a chance to express his feelings on the appointment.

Introducing himself as a member of BTS, RM shared his thoughts on being given the title of the public relations ambassador for the MDA (Ministry of National Defense) Agency for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery & Identification Team. He started off by mentioning the upcoming 10th debut anniversary of BTS and how they have always looked for mediums to pay back the love and support they have received from everyone over the years.

With his usual eloquence, RM presented his interest in promoting his country’s art and culture. He continued by wishing for harmony and healing and added that he felt a great sense of pride and responsibility to be chosen as the ambassador.


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