In Pics: BTS members kill it with style! V aka Kim Taehyung flirts with wink, RM teases with ‘call’ sign


Seoul: On 2nd October, BTS attended The Fact Music Award show in Korea. And sported quite the look leaving ARMY in awe again.

All the seven members of the band were dressed to perfection at the award function and during their performances. But it is V aka Kim Tae-hyung who managed to win everyone’s hearts with his uber cool looks. From his specs to his Valentino outfits, fans are unable to take their eyes off V. Some are calling him to be a prince, while some are just swooning over how dashing he looked on stage during the performances.

The BTS members also gave Armys chance to screenshots of them as they killed it with their charms. While V oozed sexiness when he asked the camera to zoom closer and winked, RM teased fans with “call me” Signal.

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