Imran Khan claims Pakistan knew about presence of Osama bin Laden


Washington: Pakistan premier Imran Khan has spilled the beans on his country’s role in the operation leading to elimination of world’s most dreaded terrorist.

Khan claimed that Pakistan knew about presence of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden on its soil. Pakistan had always maintained that it had no knowledge about the presence of the terrorist on its soil.

Khan told a US news outlet that his country’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), had passed on information to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that helped track down Osama.

In an interview he said the ISI had provided the initial location through a phone connection to the US intelligence agency. He was responding to a question on whether Islamabad would release jailed Pakistani doctor Shakeel Afridi, who played a key role in tracking down of Osama.

Osama was eliminated in Abbottabad, a garrison town situation close to Islamabad, on May 2, 2011, in a secret operation conducted by the US Navy SEALs.

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