Immigration is the process by which individuals move from one country to another for the purposes of residing there permanently or temporarily or due to job requirements has more negative than positive impacts.Some of them being increased crime rate such as drug traffickingThere is also increased poverty in developing countries since the labor force is reduced.Therefore, various immigration policies have emerged to curb this movement.This article focuses on immigration medical exam, particularly for USA immigrants.

This exam should be conducted before a visa interview to avoid delays has to be done by a doctor from the USA Embassy otherwise any other medical examination by an unauthorized physician will be rejected.

Anyone who needs to travel to the USA must undergo certain medical checkups.First, tuberculosis the immigrant’s medical history is the necessaryA person who tuberculosis victim in the past must submit the certificate to give a report.It shows whether the treatment was complete and successfully or if further prescription should be given.This applies to all other former illnesses.

Chest x-ray is also conducted to check for any chest abnormalities such as cancer that may need immediate attentionAny film of the last x-ray is necessary to enable the doctor to make a clearer diagnosisFor pregnant
women, the chest x-ray is conducted after agreement with the physicianTheir lower abdomen should be covered to protect her and the unborn from radiography.

Blood tests are also important to check especially on any possibilities of intake of illegal drugs or any other infections that may need attention.This exam also applies to any lady experiencing their monthly periods.

A list of vaccinations must also be conducted for example Hepatitis B and polio.

in preparation for the exam, center one must first identify a center near their place of stay and whether it has physicians accepted by the US EmbassyThey should then book an appointment and read and understand the examination instructions carefully before the appointment date.

The exam cost usually varies from one year to another depending the required mandatory check upsMedicaI fees are different for adults and children.ChiIdren’s fees are mostly constant unless a need to test a certain disease is required.For adults the physician will give you information on the amount of fee to be paid as it depends on the check ups that are conductedApart from that,the fee must be paid immediately after the examination on that same day.

Remember to carry your passport with you or national identification card, any certificates from the previous doctors and documents for your travel.

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