IMD To Forecast Weather Updates In Video Capsules Everyweek


New Delhi: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) will forecast a video capsule regarding the latest weather updates for the next two weeks on every Thursday (evening).

This will be delivered by eminent scientists of the IMD. This short video capsule is in both Hindi as well as in English.

It provides main silent features during past one week and expected weather systems & associated severe weather during the next two weeks. It is very helpful for various human activities, community activity, agriculture activity and hydrological activity.

IMD’s predication of wet & dry spells over different parts of the country during next two weeks help in planning of various agricultural activities and management of various natural hazards associated with monsoon like flood, landslide, thunderstorm and lightning etc.

These weekly video capsule talks are available in You Tube, you can visit through IMD website (

In addition to weekly weather videos, IMD also uploads daily weather videos providing current weather systems and forecast for next 5 days.

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