IIT Kharagpur develops technology to source electricity from dry clothes


Kolkata: Drying clothes in the open will now produce electricity, it may sound strange to hear this, but researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur have done this feat.

IIT researchers claimed that a technology has been developed with the help of which electricity can be made from open-dried clothes.

Giving information about this technology, IIT Professor Suman Chakraborty said that ‘this power will not be sufficient for large scale use although it will be beneficial for people living in rural areas.’

Chakraborty explained that ‘the clothes are made of cellulose fibers which have charge on the walls. If a piece of cloth is put in a salt solution, it will flow through the fibers and ionize. This will generate a constant voltage.

Professor Chakraborty also said that “We have expanded this technology to generate electricity through our technology at’ Dhobighat ‘where clothes are dried.”

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