Hug Day 2023: Types Of Hugs And What They Mean


New Delhi: Hug Day is celebrated on February 12. This is one of the most-awaited days of Valentine’s Week as it spreads the language of love, safety and how love can cut through even thick loneliness. Not all hugs have the same meaning. Learn the real difference to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. The tight hug

A tight hug is a kind of full-bodied, warm embrace where you completely wrap your arms around your loved one. An extra squish highlights the closeness you share with the person. This type of hug usually happens in emotional situations when you do not have enough words to explain, such as when you meet someone after a long time or when you bid farewell. Only people whom you have known for a while will be comfortable with a tight hug.

  1. The side hug

The side hug is relatively less intimate and mostly shared between friends. It is more relaxed and often showcases that you are in a good mood. You can see employees sharing such a hug at the workplace or when people pose for photographs. A side hug may appear casual, but often could be genuine and meaningful. Long-term acquaintances share a side hug on certain occasions or at parties to give positive energy.

  1. Polite hug

The polite hug is a formal hug usually shared with colleagues or distant relatives in an attempt to create a social bond. A polite hug tends to be short and quick. You should pay attention to the finer nuances of such a hug as the receiver may seem uncomfortable or awkward.

  1. The bear hug

The bear hug is probably the most genuine and meaningful hug. A real and tight hug is usually shared in moments of joy or excitement. A lot intimate, such a hug involves wrapping your arms around another person. Typically, such hugs are platonic! The tight embrace fills you with warmth and relieves you of stress and anxiety. The hug is a reassurance of how much you care for the relationship.

  1. The back hug

The back hug is a surprise hug that signifies deep feelings or is often shared during happy moments. The back hug expresses your strong physical connection in trustworthy and intimate relationships. Such a hug indicates that the two people are fond of each other. A gentle backstroke can express what a million words cannot.

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