How to be a good partner when you vape


Navigating the dating world can be hard work, and this can be especially the case when you vape. Not everyone is as open to smoking or vaping as you might be, and it could be holding you back in your relationship or from getting one in the first place. Decades of anti-smoking sentiment have made it a deal breaker for some.  Although e-cigarettes are a different beast, there’s no denying their resemblance to smoking, so it’s understandable why people tend to feel strongly about the vice – people tend to either love it or hate it!

So how do you balance your e-cig use when dating or in a long term relationships and ensure you’re being a good partner? Read on below to find out!

The perception of dating e-cig users

One of the most common issues raised with dating a smoker is that they smell. No one wants to hang around with someone who constantly smells of tobacco smoke or kiss someone will smokers breath after all, nor does anyone want to date someone who is constantly ducking away for a cigarettes. Despite being an electronic alternative and not suffering from the same smell issues, e-cigarette users seem to suffer from guilt by association, with many people finding the habit to be similarly a turn-off.

So it’s definitely not the ideal way to make friends or attract a future spouse, but that doesn’t mean you need to choose between vaping and love.

Here are a few tips for being a good partner, whilst still enjoying your e-cig.

Be patient and explain

If your partner is unfamiliar with e-cigarettes then they may have some questions about it, especially with everything in the media about them. They may not understand how they work, what the product is, what’s contained in e-juice, what the benefits are, or why you might choose to vape. It’s important to take the time to explain to your partner or the people you date about vaping – in the same way that you would talk about any of your other major life choices or important things about yourself. This will help your partner to get to know you better and understand why you choose to use e-cigarettes and will likely help them to be more accepting of your own personal choices. Who knows, it may even open them up to the possibility of trying it for themselves!

Be respectful and considerate

If you were a smoker, it would be the height of rudeness to blow smoke in your partners face or light up around a non-smoker. The same etiquette should apply to vaping, even when you use nicotine free vape juice. Just because you enjoy it, doesn’t mean other people will and they’re very unlikely to enjoy inhaling your second-hand smoke. You will almost definitely turn off a future partner very quickly if you show them a lack of respect, or poor etiquette by vaping around them. Always check if it’s okay first, or find time to do it when you’re not supposed to be spending time with them. Once they see you are respectful of their boundaries, vaping won’t be such a big deal and is unlikely to be a deal breaker.

Don’t let it intrude on your time together

If you’re out and about together, or on a date then you should be careful to ensure that your e-cig doesn’t start to monpolise your time. Don’t make your date sit in smoking areas, or drag them outside so that you can vape, always be respectful of their time and feelings.

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