How Restaurants Can Promote Events Without Spending A Penny On Flyers


Chances are if you are a restaurateur, one thing that is always at the back of your head is – how do I promote my business in the best possible way?

This is a question that has perennially been debated, eventually resulting in different restaurateurs adopting their own unique styles.

While promoting a restaurant business, the following things are at the top of the manager’s mind:

  • How do I reach a wider audience?
  • How do I minimize cost while maximizing impact?
  • How do I make my existing customers stick?
  • Who should be my target audience?
  • How can I avoid missing out on promotion opportunities?

Answering all of these questions in the best possible manner is quite a challenge. Once that is enough to bug any restaurant owner through the night.

One of the popular promotion methods has been restaurant events. They arouse interest, generate a buzz, and pretty much tick all of the above boxes.

If you are one of those who rely heavily on events to promote their restaurant, this question would surely have popped each time –

How do I promote my event?

Be it anything – singles’ night, live music, karaoke night, happy hour, sports screening – you name it! They all need to be promoted in order to be successful and eventually rake in the moolah.

Now the age-old answer to event promotion has been the quintessential flyer. They are everywhere and found to be tried and tested. Right?

Well, flyers are good, sure. But are they great? Let us see –

  • Printing high-quality flyers cost a ton of money
  • They are not environmentally friendly
  • Most of them end up in the trash can
  • They are just so-so

If you are one of those who’d rather fly from flyers, we are pleased to tell you that you are not alone and that you have plenty of promotion options at your disposal.

And here we have listed them all down especially for you:

  1. Get on social media

Social media is a hidden gem when it comes to restaurant event promotions. Social media has a larger than life appeal on a large section of the audience – and they may well turn out to be the exact demographic you intend to reach.

If your event clientele consists mainly of the younger populace, you should not overlook having a prominent social media presence.


  • Have an account on all major social networking sites – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Have a common design language and style of prose
  • Post regularly irrespective of the reach or reactions
  • Carefully study what clicks and what does not
  • Leave no stone unturned to convert the clicks to purchase

The chances are that you may be apprehensive of using social media if you aren’t tech-savvy. But trust us, the internet has tutorials on everything under the sun – from how to convert YouTube to mp3 to editing videos on Android.

So do not let anything hinder you.

  1. Reach out to food bloggers

Food bloggers are those who’ve amassed a large online following by speaking or writing about all things food.

Their opinion, and naturally their promotions, carry a lot of weight such that plenty of their loyal followers would attend events promoted by them without blinking an eye.


  • Scour the market for the right food bloggers that will help you reach your target audience
  • Offer bloggers the chance to dine with you in exchange for a feature on their most-followed pages
  • Get involved and communicate your objectives clearly
  • Do not hesitate to ask who the blogger’s most loyal followers are, and how best to reach them
  • Stay in touch for future events by maintaining a good relationship

Food bloggers may abound on various social media platforms, but by finding the one that is just right for you, your events could see success like never before.

  1. Focus on geo-targeted ads

Geo-targeted ads help you reach out to users who live within a radius specified by you. These ads are quite the rage as they help you reach the people most likely to attend your event – the ones who live close.


  • Think hard about the radius that you intend to keep – bigger isn’t always better in this case
  • Look out for online ad services that offer geo-targeting ad options at no additional cost
  • Ensure that the address is featured prominently on the ad
  • You can design an eye-grabbing invitation using any free invitation maker online for your ad
  • Though the ad may be limited in its geographical reach, pull out all the stops so that it reaches maximum people within the specified radius

With the right amount of creativity, your ad can do wonders for your event.

  1. Promote a cause

Promotions that address a pressing community challenge are a great way to generate business.


  • Spend adequate time researching the most pressing social concern pertaining to your chosen demographic
  • See how your restaurant events can make a tangible social impact
  • Allow local organizations to use your space, as you can then tap into their network besides the fact that they do some of the promoting for you
  • Choose a cause that is close to your heart; one that you feel a personal connection with
  • Make an impactful, measurable contribution, and make it widely known

Promoting a cause is a beautiful thing that also generates revenue for your business. If you are still unsure about what causes to pick, reach out to those who’ve already organized cause-promotion events successfully.

In conclusion

There is a myriad of ways that you, as a restaurateur, can promote events without going anywhere near a flyer.

Apart from the ideas we have listed, you can also look at:

  • Email marketing to those emails you have in your database
  • Creating a hashtag for your events and making it go viral (with the help of, say, a challenge!)

Now that you have been sufficiently inspired, all that’s left for you to do is to get planning.

Do not delay! The best events are planned well in advance. Stop at nothing in ensuring that your event is a grand success and that it helps your business scale to new heights.

Go forth and conquer!

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