How Quizbee is Merging Fun & Knowledge to Boost Learning Skills

New Delhi: Gaming is one of the biggest phenomena that has taken over the world. However, India is likely to be the gaming powerhouse of the future. While there were already games in the market like- PUB-G, Candy Crush & more Mr. Abhinav Anand & Mr. Amit Khaitan, Co-founder, Intelligence Gaming Pvt Ltd, wanted to launch something in the arena of knowledge-based gaming. A platform that binds education & fun under the same space. Quizbee is a one-stop solution for all those who want to get entertained and upgrade their skills while playing. It could also be termed as multiplex gaming that clubs skill-based, entertainment-based, sports-based, real-money, all genres, and categories under one platform.

Quizbee is a new B2C gaming platform. Seed Funded by the Kanodia Group, Quizbee is a single destination for all trivia & quiz lovers. It offers an immersive experience for gamers to play and compete on quizzes and various theme-based challenges with a chance to win real money. Quizbee provides a competitive mobile platform with multiple paid challenges on thousands of quiz questions and trivia across genres like movies, cricket, travel, food, general knowledge, puzzles, etc. Users also stand a chance to win exciting prizes by playing Quizbeeregularly.

Witnessing the substantial growth of Quizbee, Mr. Amit Khaitan, CEO, Intelligence Gaming Pvt Ltd, shared that, “gamification is a scientifically proven concept of learning new things and retaining them better. Hence, we built a platform for today’s gaming youth where learning can be more fun and you can earn while you upgrade your skills. Our educational-gaming platform heavily banks on boosting memory while having a chill time for more engagement. We firmly believe that gaming is for all and are constantly trying to unlock various aspects of gaming industry for the good”.

Knowledge is key to everything and over the years, teachers, students, and researchers have tried multiple ways to make the learning process more joyful & entertaining. However, Quizbee has not just revolutionized the gaming space in the market but has also reformed the old-school dynamics of learning. By including fun elements & theme-based gaming sections, it has encouraged & sharpened the skillsets for students, employees, and gaming enthusiasts.

About Quizbee

Quizbee is the first product of Intelligence Gaming Pvt. Ltd. Intelligence gaming was launched to create mobile games that can help gamify the education domain and to make sure that users not only have fun while learning but also get tangible returns. We intend to create more games with a similar competitive structure to make sure that people who have the desire to improve their knowledge can enjoy the process as well.

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