“Hope Police Action Has Nothing To Do With My Stand On Adani”: Rahul Gandhi Gives Primary Response To Delhi Police


New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi submitted a preliminary response to Delhi Police on Sunday, stating that he will provide a detailed response in the next 8-10 days.

In his response to police, he reportedly asked if any other ruling party leader who had carried out such a campaign (Bharat Jodo Yatra) had ever been asked similar questions as he was, news agency ANI reported citing sources.

According to ANI, Gandhi stated in his response that he hoped the police action had nothing to do with the positions he took in Parliament and elsewhere on various issues, including the Adani case.

The Delhi Police has confirmed receiving the Wayanad MP’s response and said: “A preliminary reply has been received from (Congress MP) Rahul Gandhi but no information has been shared by him that can take the investigation forward”.

The police arrived at Rahul Gandhi’s residence in Delhi earlier in the day, days after sending him a notice to provide details of women who shared their experiences of ‘sexual harassment’ with him during his Bharat Jodo Yatra in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir.

After meeting with Delhi police officials, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was seen leaving his residence.

The Congress leader issued the 10-point response hours after a Delhi Police team knocked on his door for the third time in five days.

Rahul Gandhi’s preliminary response, which was sent shortly before 4 pm, called the police action “unprecedented” and asked if it had anything to do with his position on the Adani issue taken both inside and outside Parliament, PTI reported citing sources.

According to the report, Gandhi also questioned the Delhi Police’s urgency in making two visits in as many days after a 45-day gap following his speech in Srinagar.

Congress reacted strongly to the development, claiming that it was not possible without Union Home Minister ‘Amit Shah’s order.

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