Hong Kong protester shot by police jailed for six years


Hong Kong: A Hong Kong man who was shot by police at close range during the 2019 democracy protests has been jailed for six years on charges including obstructing a police officer and attempted robbery of the officer’s gun.

Chow Pak-kwan, now 23, lost his right kidney and was injured in his liver and spine after he was shot at a road intersection during a fracas between protesters and police.

Footage of the incident on November 11, 2019 showed an armed police officer grappling with another protester on the street and Chow then appearing at the crossing.

Shortly afterwards the officer, who was assigned to the traffic division, fires at the black-clad Chow, who was unarmed. Another man then appears to try and grab the officer’s gun, after which the officer fires two more shots. The entire incident was live-streamed on Facebook.


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