Homoeopaths urge govt to allow them to treat coronavirus


New Delhi: A team of homoeopathy doctors has written to the health ministry to give them the opportunity to find a solution to treat coronavirus.

They have said that homoeopathic treatment has an impressive track record in treating deadly epidemics like the Spanish flu, dengue, malaria and flu.

The homoeopathy doctors association, Hahnemannian Homoeo Forum (HHF), in Thane(Maharashtra), said that they should be given a chance to find a solution to treat COVID-19 when allopathy treatment has not been successful so far.

Dr Mayuresh Mahajan, President of the HHF, said the association has a team of doctors who have extensive experience in dealing with infectious diseases like swine flu, dengue and malaria.

The results obtained by homoeopathy during epidemics consistently reveal an extremely low mortality rate. He further said morbidity and mortality rate of COVID-19 could be dramatically reduced by simple application of homoeopathy.

The HHF president said that the team of homoeopaths would be pleased to offer their regional teams to take up cases where required.

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