Home Ministry Asks States, UTs To Mitigate Hardship of Migrant Workers


New Delhi: Home Ministry has asked states/UTs to take adequate steps to mitigate the economic hardship of migrant workers returning to their hometowns.

The ministry has also directed that lockdown measures must be strictly implemented.

The movement of a large number of migrants have taken place in some parts of the country as they want to reach their home towns during lockdown. This is a violation of the lockdown measures on maintaining social distance.

The state/ Union Territory authorities must take necessary action and to issue orders to their District Magistrate/ Deputy Commissioner and Senior Superintendant of Police/ Superintendant of Police/ Deputy Commissioner of Police to take following measures:

– Adequate arrangements of temporary shelters and provision of food for the poor and needy people, including migrant labourers, stranded due to lockdown measures in their respective areas

-The migrant people who have moved out of their hometowns must be kept in the nearest shelter camps and quarantined properly for 14 days

-The Industry or shop owners shall make payment of wages of their workers without any deduction following lockdown

-The landlords shall not demand payment of rent for a period of one month

-Landlords forcing labourers to vacate their premises shall be liable for action

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