Home Minister addresses MPs on ‘How to be an effective Parliamentarian’


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today appealed to newly elected Members of Parliament to overcome their political differences and contribute to the making of New India through their effective participation in discussions in the House.

Addressing the newly elected Members of Parliament in New Delhi on “How to be an effective Parliamentarian”, Shah advised them to study Parliament rules, traditions and use all resources available in the Parliament library to become an effective and ideal Parliamentarian.

He said MPs should raise issues only relevant to Parliament and their speeches must contribute to understanding of the issue. He underlined the need for following time-discipline during Parliamentary proceedings.

Shah said each Lok Sabha MP represents more than 15 lakh people and thus has a great responsibility in fulfilling their aspirations.

Terming the Indian democracy as the oldest and biggest in the world which is now represented by Parliament at its pinnacle, Amit Shah said Members should be aware that their speeches and actions are watched all over the world and they should contribute to elevating the effectiveness and image of the legislature.

The Home Minister said Members may express the views of the political party to which they belong but at the same time they should not forget that law-making is their first priority. Through participation in law-making and budget process, the members should contribute to enhancement of prestige of parliament, he added.

He advised the members to study debates during the making of Constitution for its better understanding. He said multi-party parliamentary form of democracy was adopted soon after independence keeping in view diversity in the country of languages, religions, traditions etc.

Citing examples of an effective Parliamentarian, Shah said BJP MP Ram Naik (presently governor of UP) in 1991 converted a parliament question into short duration discussion on singing of vandemataram in schools in Kerala which resulted in acceptance of singing of the National Song in the House since then.

He also recalled that former MP Somnath Chatterjee’s initiative on including Nepalese language in 8th Schedule of the Constitution which was subsequently taken up the Government and completed the necessary legislative process towards that end.

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