Holy Trinity’s Sandhya Darshan till 7 pm today


Puri: Lakhs of devotees thronged Puri to witness ‘Sandhya Darshan’ of the Holy Trinity at Adapa Mandap inside Sri Gundicha temple since Thursday morning.

Keeping tomorrow’s Bahuda Yatra and other rituals of the Lords in mind, the Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has decided to allow the devotees to have the Sandhya Darshan of the Lords till 7 pm today.

Devotees in large numbers are visiting Gundicha temple every day to offer prayers and feast on Mahaprasad. As per belief, whosoever witnesses the deities and takes Mahaprasad acquires salvation.

The police and the temple administration have taken adequate measures to facilitate smooth darshan of the deities at the Adapa Mandap.

Meanwhile, as part of ‘Bahuda Yatra’ (return car festival) preparations, the three chariots were given a south turn (Dakshin Moda) and parked at ‘Saradha Bali’ in front of the ‘Nakachana Dwar’ (exit gate) of the Gundicha temple.

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