Holy Trinity Taken To ‘Adapa Mandapa’ In Gundicha Temple


Puri: The Holy Trinity–Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra entered the Shree Gundicha Temple on Tuesday evening after moving in the traditional Gotipahandis.

The deities alighted from their respective Raths and were escorted inside the temple by the sevayats in a ceremonial procession after the Sandhya Dhupa ritual. The Pahandi Bije began at around 5.30 PM.

As per rituals, Pahandi of Lord Balabhadra from Taladhwaja Rath, Goddess Subhadra from Debadalana, and Lord Jagannath from Nandighosha was performed after servitors installed Lord Ramakrushna, Lord Madan Mohana and Lord Sudarshan at the Adapa Mandap of Gundicha temple.

As the Ratha Yatra is being organised within strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols, and no devotees were allowed to participate in the rituals.

On Monday, the chariots of the Holy Trinity were pulled by servitors amid tight security arrangements while curfew was imposed in the district. The Lords are on a nine-day sojourn to the Gundicha Temple, their birthplace.

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