Hirakud Dam Opens Two More Sluice Gates To Release Excess Water


Sambalpur: Two more sluice gates of the Hirakud Dam were opened on Thursday afternoon in order to release excess floodwater from the reservoir due to the heavy rainfall in the upper catchment areas.

At present, floodwater is now being discharged through 10 gates of Hirakud reservoir.

Notably, on July 18, the dam authorities opened seven sluice gates to release the season’s first floodwater.

There are 64 sluice gates including 24 on the right and 40 on the left side of the dam to release flood water. Each sluice gate has the capacity to discharge 16,440 cusecs of water when the reservoir level, also termed as danger level, is 630 ft.

This apart, there are 34 crest gates, 13 on the right and 21 on the left side, which have the potential to discharge 16,238 cusecs of water.

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