Hirakud Dam Opens 10 Sluice Gates


Sambalpur: As many as 10 sluice gates of the Hirakud Dam were opened today to release excess floodwater to the downstream of Mahanadi river.

The water level stood at 616 feet against the full reservoir level of 630 feet on Wednesday. The water was released from Gate number 7 of the dam at 10 am today.

According to reports, a puja was conducted at the Sluice Gate No. 7 before opening the gate. The people have already been warned not to go to the riverbed or leave cattle to graze on the river bank.

It is a tradition that Gate No 7 is opened first to release floodwater from the Hirakud Dam every year.

The dam releasing water earlier this time as its water level has gone up due to good rainfall in the catchment of the reservoir.

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