Hindus denied ration amid COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan


Karachi: Hindus in Pakistan are continuously being discriminated even at the time of COVID-19 outbreak. They are reportedly denied food supplies in Karachi.

Reports said thousands of poor people had gathered at Rehrri Ghoth in Karachi to receive food supplies but they were told that the ration was meant for Muslims only.

Reports said Hindus in Liyari, Sachal Ghoth and other parts of Karachi are being denied a share in government food and rations.

Amjad Ayub Mirza, a political activist appealed to the Indian government to send supplies via Rajasthan to Sindh while saying that the minorities are facing serious food crisis.

Mirza also sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention into the matter to avert a humanitarian crisis in Sindh. Over a million Hindus live in Sindh province.

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