Hindu Students Attacked For Celebrating Holi In Pakistan


Islamabad: In a shocking incident, Hindu students of Punjab University in Pakistan have been attacked on Tuesday by Islami Jamiat Tulba (IJT) activists for celebrating Holi on campus, reported the Dawn. Around 15 Hindu students are reportedly injured in the attack.

As per the report, the students were celebrating Holi with the permission of the administration when the IJT activists attacked them. An application has been filed before the police to register a case, Dawn reported.

Several videos of the incident have gone viral on social media with netizens reacting strongly against the attack.

Some videos show security guards carrying batons and beating the students while they are running from the scene.

Sindh Council general secretary Kashif Brohi told Dawn that the Hindu community and the council organised a Holi celebration after getting the required permission from the university administration. He added that the IJT activists started threatening after Hindu students posted invitations for the Holi celebration on their Facebook page.

According to Dawn, the members of the Sindh Council and Hindu community gathered outside Punjab University (PU) law College to celebrate Holi when the IJT activists attacked them. Dawn mentioned that the attackers were carrying guns and batons.

Brohi said, as quoted by Dawn, that 15 students from the Hindu community and Sindh Council suffered injuries during clashes and moved away without celebrating the event.

He added that the students later gathered to protest outside the vice chancellor’s office, but here also they were beaten by security guards.

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